President- Emily Dooley

Fourth-year Biomedical Engineer in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Not needing more than one name, like the late Prince or the present Madonna, our President responds to Dooley, and only Dooley. She seeks to shred more and school less, whether it be on the powdery bliss of Telluride or the gloriously muddy slopes of her native Virginia. Dooley states that all shreddable locations shall be created equal, and she cites recently retired Captain Zac’s philosophy: “if there is snow I will ride it.”

Snowboard VP - Mac “The Eviscerator”

Fourth-year Double Major in Systems Engineering and Economics

There isn’t much to be say about Mac that he hasn’t already said about himself. So here are some descriptive statements said by Mac, about Mac: “I am a diesel-a$$ chief -I was the voice of the salt shaker in Blues clues -I am 4'2" and am a certified stunt man -I drink my own urine because it's sterile and I like the taste -I have never hunted a whale (to my knowledge) -I am A MOTHAF*CK*N' SORCERER! -If I ever get a cat I will name it Mittens, and if I get a dog I will name it Dan (I like dogs with people names ;) lol) -I was a mime in a past life. -I love pepper (but I hate cinnamon!) -When life gives me lemons, I paint that sh*t gold.”

Ski VP - Grace

Fourth-year Cognitive Science Major

Grace was born simply to shred. Hailing from Charlottesville she has every single mud patch at Wintergreen memorized. She once attempted to join a group of people not related to VASST and realizing her mistake quickly deactivated. Normally there would be a section describing what she does when she’s not on the mountain, but she is always skiing so that is irrelevant.  Her goal in life is to collect medals and plaques from ski events. If attempting to identify Grace look for the person you’ve seen at every event with a big smile on her face.

Secretary- Tom

Third-year Commerce Major in the McIntire School

Tom joined VASST because he is a thirsty boy and everyone knows that snow combined with heat results in water. VASST has the snow, Tom has the heat. While he spends most of his time shredding the East Coast, Tom longs for the bliss that is Breckenridge, Colorado, his favorite ski resort. Tom is also known to hang on ceiling rafters while wearing vibrant onesies...I don’t really know but it must be an English thing.
He would also like to point out that snowboarding does wonders for the calves.

Treasurer - John

Fourth-year Double Major in Economics and Leadership & Public Policy in the Batten School

[Cue Pokemon theme song] Once, there was a John, and he wanted to be the very best, like no one ever was. He traveled across the land, searching far and wide, each skier to understand, the power that’s inside. Sketchy about revealing his birthplace, we will just say that John was born in the southwest United States. He enjoys skiing at Jackson Hole, or on O'Hill by McCormick Observatory when there's snow in Charlottesville. Besides his ultimate goal to become a Pokemon master, John enjoys playing soccer with "skwad" and jamming out to Russian trap and rap music.

Women’s Snowboard Captain - Helena

Fourth-year Double Major in Civil Engineering and Philosophy

Long ago Helena left behind her innocent beginnings as a sweet child of Fairfax, VA. Creating a new path with her inherently funky personna, promiscuous nature, and love for rock band STRFKR, Helena now hosts Charlottesville’s most popular radio show, drums in two bands, and has a hot new pop single coming out featuring CeeLo Green. Oh yeah, and she snowboards too, off into the sunset to be specific. So follow her to the Earth’s end on a snowy journey toward Nirvana (the band, duh).

Men’s Snowboard Captain- Alex

Third-year Neuroscience Major

Don’t let his stony disposition fool you, this guy loves to shred, especially with VASSTers. Pulling a Top 20 place for GS at Nationals last year, he knows his sh*!, and is willing to share his wisdom as Men’s Snowboard Captain. Alex hails from the mean streets/suburbs of GAINthersburg, MD, and outside of VASST Alex spends his time volunteering at the rescue squad, in a research lab, or with his fraternity.

Men’s Ski Captain- Spencer

Fourth-year Double Major in Economics and Statistics

Connoisseur of fine Persian rugs and descendant of the prolific Uncle Earnest, you will commonly find Spencer in the Journals room of Alderman library, calmly creating excel spreadsheets whilst sipping steaming mint tea. However, this Ski Captain has a dark side too (as they all do), as his hometown of Falls Church, VA has fostered in him a plethora of conspiracy theories as well as a deep love for trap music.

Women’s Ski Captain - Sofie

Fourth-year Double Major in Economics and Spanish

Sofie joined VASST in order to show the silly inferior Americans how to “strimla” (shred) European style. While Wintergreen is much more technically challenging than the Alps in her homeland of Switzerland she still manages to keep up with the rest of the team. She is always happy to share wisdom on or off the slopes. When not skiing she can be found blasting house music or cooking some of the best food around. Feel free to say “Grüezi” anytime you see her around!