VASST Executive Board 2015-2016

This is the current Exec for the Virginia Alpine Ski and Snowboard Team.

For your convenience names of all the members of Exec can be found below, along with photos of their faces as well as them skiing or snowboarding. Feel free to say "Hi!" when you encounter them around Grounds, as well as tell them how much you enjoyed their photo. To help you engage in this conversation some helpful information has also been provided about each of them with the hope of provoking thoughtful discussion. Enjoy!



4th-year in the College of Arts and Crafts, majoring in Computer Science and Economics


President Gregrowski's favorite color is a classic: Neon Reddish Aquamarine. For those of you that don't remember this color of your childhood, it can be found between Atomic Tangerine and Wild Blue Yonder in your Crayola box. Peter doesn't have any scars because "how can you have scars when you are so flawless you never get hurt?" And while this is currently true of the ski Veep he does imagine his ultimate downfall will involve slowly sinking into a giant vat of honey, or possibly peanut butter. Before that day comes though he will often be located on his yacht, the "There Dooley, I Answered All of Your Questions. Now Leave Me Alone", or the "TDIAAYQNLMA" for short. Peter would also like to acknowledge that the rest of the world might like us more if we stopped advertising New Jersey as being part of the United States.

Peter's slogan is: "Yeah... not really sure why you guys want me to do this... but sure, why not?"


Vice President of Snowboarding:

Emily Dooley


Vice President of Skiing:

3rd year in the College of Arts and Sciences, majoring in Government and Philosophy, with a minor in Buddhism

 For starters Captain Pence would like it to be known that her first name is pronounced "Hal-lee, not Hail-lee." After that she believes in "equal love for all the colors of the rainbow" and is a big supporter of the "streak the lawn" tradition. In fact, she was so excited to complete this activity that she broke her foot streaking the lawn on her first night at college. Upon graduation she anticipates naming her first yacht "Gin-erosity," but is still taking suggestions of names for the rest of her fleet.

Hallie's slogan is: "I'm all about that inner zen yo!"









Women's Snowboard Captain:



Women's Ski Captain:



Men's Snowboard Captain:



Men's Ski Captain:

Michael "Serron"