President- Alex Lupi

Fourth-year Neuroscience Major

Don’t let his stony disposition fool you, this guy loves to shred, especially with VASSTers. Pulling a Top 20 place for GS at Nationals last year, he knows his sh*!, and is willing to share his wisdom as Men’s Snowboard Captain. Alex hails from the mean streets/suburbs of GAINthersburg, MD, and outside of VASST Alex spends his time volunteering at the rescue squad, in a research lab, or with his fraternity.


Snowboard VP - Tom Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, First of his name, king of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First men, Protector of the Realm, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Unburnt, Father of Dragons, Breaker of Chains, King of Mereen” Smith

Fourth-year Double Major in Finance and Marketing

Tom joined VASST because he is a thirsty boy and everyone knows that snow combined with heat results in water. VASST has the snow, Tom has the heat. While he spends most of his time shredding the East Coast, Tom longs for the bliss that is Breckenridge, Colorado, his favorite ski resort. Tom is also known to hang on ceiling rafters while wearing vibrant onesies...I don’t really know but it must be an English thing.

He would also like to point out that snowboarding does wonders for the calves.

Ski VP - Joe "The Golden Boy" Daly

Fourth-year Computer and Electrical Engineering Double Major

After a brief and unsuccessful stint as a crocodile wrestler, Joe “The Golden God” Daly made his trek to Wintergreen mountain for the awe-inspiring slopes and to be our Ski VP. While his days as “MoJo Flow Joe” are long gone, rest assured his send is just as steezy as his thrashing dance moves featured on the porches of 14th St. If you ever see anyone falling off a stoop, make sure to say hi to Joe!

Secretary- Gillian "Gillibean" Elliott


Third-year Double Major in Anthropology and Environmental Science

Ever spend your whole week in front of your computer waiting for the latest VASST email to pop into your inbox? We know you have, so look no further: the mastermind behind the best part of your week is none other than our very own Gillian “Gillibean” Elliott. When she’s not too busy searching for the dankest email memes or throwing dubs in the park, you can find Gillibean people watching or eavesdropping on passerby of the Blau house stoop.

Treasurer - Elizabeth "Mighty Mini Money (Wo)man" Ellis

Fourth-year English Major

Even though she's sometimes mistaken for a 12 year old, Elizabeth "Mighty Mini Money (Wo)man" Ellis is no doubt a badass on the slopes. Coming from all the way from Greenville, SC (probably in search of snow) Elizabeth spends her free time snowboarding with concussions in a tiger onesie and napping them off at the end of the day. 

Women’s Snowboard Captain - Chandler "Beach Week Survivor" Windom

Fourth-year Urban and Environmental Planning Major

Coming from Princeton, NJ, our badass Woman’s Boarder captain lives life on the edge (and rails) even with broken limbs. Other than busting sick moves in the park, Chandler enjoys herding goats, wearing onesies, and bonding with our newest VASST members! 

Men’s Snowboard Captain- Draden "Dragon" Gaffney

Second-Year Computer Science Major

Even though he hasn’t been able to make it to class lately since he’s been diagnosed as “terminally chill,” Draden “Dragon” Gaffney has still managed to find the time to be our Men’s Snowboard Captain this year. Whether he's shredding up Wintergreen or sending parks in New Zealand, Draden is easily one of the steeziest boarders on the slopes (but how did he get so sick?). 

Men’s Ski Captain- Jimmy "Jim Jam" Waldo

Third-Year Economics and French Double Major

JimJam might be the friendliest guy you’ll meet at UVa, but he’ll still make his opponents cry kicking a** on the slopes. Coming from Assburn, VA (NOVA for the rest of us) and a seasoned racing veteran from the Dirty South, Jimmy sweeped two nationals qualifications in the past 2 years. Other than winning races, he enjoys driving his giant black truck “Rambo” through amber waves of grain (probably while listening to Adele), and flopping with fellow VASSTers.

Women’s Ski Captain - Ali "Big Al" Barron

Third-Year Chemical Engineering Major

Hailing from the Bernie loving, maple syrup obsessed, great state of Vermont, our Women’s Ski Captain Ali “Big Al” Barron thrives on the great mountain of Wintergreen, a significantly steezier resort than her home turf at Sugar Bush. Her aesthetic combines thrift store flannels with vineyard vines and yelling aggressively in a fake southern accent.