VASST Executive Board 2015-2016

This is the current Exec for the Virginia Alpine Ski and Snowboard Team.

For your convenience names of all the members of Exec can be found below, along with photos of their faces as well as them skiing or snowboarding. Feel free to say "Hi!" when you encounter them around Grounds, as well as tell them how much you enjoyed their photo. To help you engage in this conversation some helpful information has also been provided about each of them with the hope of provoking thoughtful discussion. Enjoy!



Piotr Gregowski

4th-year in the College of Arts and Crafts, majoring in Computer Science and Economics

President Peter was elected president mainly due to the alliterative allure of his title and name. Peter, who is singlehandedly bringing the gospel of Nickelback to the Southeast Conference, also enjoys early 2000s pop-punk. Expressing interest in racing in a Thomas Jefferson outfit (aerodynamics), Peter noted that he has "already raced in a bathing suit before." He would also like to acknowledge that the rest of the world might like us more if we stopped advertising New Jersey as being part of the United States.

Peter's slogan is: "Yeah... not really sure why you guys want me to do this... but sure, why not?"


Vice President of Snowboarding:


Third-year Biomedical Engineer

Dooley strongly supports the illustrious Campaign to Unlock the Other Door to Newcomb, and would like to invite others to support the cause. Like a typical engineer, she formed a hypothesis that people who snowboard are cool, joined VASST to test it, and concluded that her evidence did support her hypothesis. Dooley has learned on VASST that the amount of fun you have is directly proportional to how dirty your car is. Go hoos. "Thanks man."


Vice President of Skiing:


4th year in the College of Arts and Sciences, majoring in Government and Philosophy, with a minor in Buddhism

Former womens ski captain Hallie Pence would like it to be known that her first name is pronounced "Hal-lee, not Hail-lee." She joined the ski team because she was thirsty at the activities fair and her older sister and VASST had water. She believes in "equal love for all the colors of the rainbow" and is a big supporter of the "streak the lawn" tradition. In fact, she was so excited to complete this activity that she broke her foot streaking the lawn on her first night at college. Upon graduation she anticipates naming her first yacht "Gin-erosity," but is still taking suggestions of names for the rest of her fleet.

Hallie's slogan is: "If you put a snowboard on each foot, would they just be called skis?"




Fourth year in the McIntire School of Comm, concentrating in finance and marketing

Anna is the proud owner of the greatest beach tank top on the ski team, and indeed at UVA. She pointed out  that VASST is an inclusive club, and Anna was far from the only member of exec to mention its friendliness when asked why she joined. She regrets not having enough enough time to move into Pigeon Hole and subsist on breakfast foods. Anna would like to give a shoutout to Amy, the Queen of Struggle.




3rd year Systems Engineer, double major in Freakonomics

New VASST members will be forgiven for thinking that Mac runs the whole show. His emails entertain the entire club, and everybody "wants to chill with this diesel-ass hoss." Mac is looking forward to next-level hijinks and sending the best emails in your inbox. He says that he is less catty than Helene, because he is in fact a naughty dogg. woof. #freethekey


Women's Snowboard Captain:


Fourth-year in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, double majoring in Biology and Art

Erica is the subject of a famous video (and later, a GIF) featuring her first attempt at a rail slide in the terrain park. Ask around and you can find it. Her favorite run at Wintergreen is the glade (when it's open), and she is "sooooo stoked. Like a wildfire" for the 2016 season. She claims to have shredded the gnar this season ("it was gnaralicious") and plans to do so again. Do it, you won't.


Women's Ski Captain:


Fourth-year in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, majoring in Social Entrepreneurship

Hailing from the mean streets of Falls Church, Virginia, Helene really wants to tell you all about social entrepreneurship, meow. She is catty. She has never once had all of her equipment ready to go at the beginning of a race, and she might be Norwegian (?).


Men's Snowboard Captain:


Third-year in the College of Liberal Arts and Also Sciences, majoring in Environmental Science.

Zac, who was beating the #1 boardercross rider at nationals for part of a race, is planning to take steezy, gnarly and radical to a whole new level this year. To overcome his sadness at the lack of fresh pow this summer, Zac has taken to tromping around in the woods, as EnviSci majors are wont to do. He wants to give a shoutout to Ben Pickus, and says that he is looking for a padawan of his own this year. Zac would also like to refer Hallie to this bio so maybe she will figure out who he is.


Men's Ski Captain:


Fourth-year Mechanical Engineer

Serron is usually easy to identify by his varied and tasteful tank tops, some of which read "OFFICIAL TWERK TEAM" and "SUNS OUT GUNS OUT." He promises to wear one of them to the Beech in 2016. Although #winteriscoming, Michael has avoided any snow-related injuries, because he doesn't go very hard. Part-time member of the Steez and Struggle Team.