Captain Zac achieves liftoff.

Hold on, we were just getting warmed up!

Some tears were shed as VASST's fourth-years (and beloved fifth-years) finished the Massanutten race this weekend. Skiers and boarders got to eat and spend the night together in McGaheysville, with much thanks to Hallie's wonderful parents and beautiful, large, dogs.

While most racers are glad to have weekends back to catch up on homework, everybody is sad that the regular season is over. Skiers finished up the season with a great pair of races at Massanutten, while missing the perennial heavyweight Brian.

Snowboarders raced at Massanutten as well. Keep an eye out on results from those guys, as the USCSA Southeast website is currently down, presumably from the massive demand on its servers. From the photo evidence above, it looked they were high up in the rankings.

Several ski racers found themselves very out of place in the slopestyle competition after their GS race on Sunday. Sniggers were heard from the rest of the conference upon seeing the UVA ski racers attempting 180s in their snug speed suits. The snowboarders can definitely show the skiers a thing or two about slopestyle, and also fashion.

Now seems like an appropriate time to thank all of exec for organizing the races. All the logistics and preparation and bibs and tuning gear and hotels would never get done if the hard-working VPs, captains and Piotr didn't bust their butts to get them done. Thanks to you guys, and we'll all see you at practice Tuesday, as usual :')

Helene thought it was a costume race.







Okay okay, it's a little late, but there was a snow storm a while ago. Simultaneously canceling school and reviving the faded glory of the Jonas brothers, the storm was real big. So big that the Bryce Race #1 was a bit of a wash. Wish I could tell you more about it, but maybe go ask Piotr.

The snow really improved the quality of life and transportation around Charlottesville. VASST members immediately rose to the top of the food chain, in that we could ski to Fig for dinner, as I did.

Dean Groves congratulated the ski team on its ingenuity and preparedness. "Good job skiers," he said. "Way to put your talents and practice to good use."

For an extremely chill recap of the hijinks and utter mayhem in the streets, check out Raley's Snow Day edits.



Last year, we could never keep track of anybody. With different-colored helmets, the ski racers lacked cohesion and aesthetic appeal. This year is different.

The skiers want to say thank you to the Parents Committee for helping us out with our excellent new helmets. Our ears are warmer and our heads are safer. Thank you!




Practice on Thursday, January 28th was just like any other day. Racers practiced on dual-slalom gates, preparing for the weekend's race at Bryce. But it soon became apparent that gates were being pulled early.

"I was really sad to see the Wintergreen guys pulling the gates," third-year skier Aiden said. "I thought I had a couple more runs I could squeeze in."

The controversial order to pull the gates apparently came from high up the ski chain of command. Captain Michael declined to comment for this story.

Some racers expressed concerns that the early gate-pulling unfairly impacted late-car skiers and riders.

"I was about to show the kids from down South how to ski on ice," first-year Ali told reporters. "But then I had to help carry the gates down the hill instead."

The gates in question. Foreground, left: fourth-year skier Nick.

Through representation, President Peter explained that conditions can become dangerous later in the evening. Some late-car riders questioned the decision nonetheless. "I haven't even gotten warmed up yet," said one disappointed racer.

More pictures from practice.


Pour Some Sugar On Me - First Race of 2016

In search of colder weather and more pow, the crew decamped from balmy Sunday River, Maine and cross-country skiied down I-81 to the mecca of extreme-weather skiing: Boone, North Carolina.

Sugar Mountain is a hotbed of ski innovation if you didn't know. From the cutting edge hood-inside-helmet look to the snowboarding-with-poles iconoclasts, Sugar is a special place. We had a great weekend of racing. Bryce up next!

Marilyn loved the weather at Sugar Mountain. 7 degrees at the base!

Snowboarders and skiiers got to reunite over tea and cookies, after a long separation of 24 hours in the car. If you know any boarders, tell them good job.

Here are the results:


  • Women's Snowboard GS - 2nd
  • Men's Snowboard GS -3rd


  • Men's Ski Slalom - 2nd
  • Women's Ski Slalom - 3rd


  • Women's Ski GS - 3rd
  • Men's Ski GS - 4th


Special shoutout to first-year Ali for leading the women skiiers in her first USCSA race. Also shouts out to Scott for finally coming to race, and finishing all of his runs backwards. Furthermore, shoutout to anybody dumb enough to take his phone out of his pocket long enough to take a picture. You took one for the team.

Some more pictures:

Joe trying to put on his coat, but he can't because joints freeze at these temperatures.

Women skiiers lookin' like the UN up in this.

Thank you for blowing snow at the lift.