TGR's Tight Loose Will Be Totally Tight

TGR's Tight Loose Will Be Totally Tight

Did you ever miss out on your chance in middle school to make out with the boy/girl of your dreams in the intimate venue of a dark movie theater full of people? If the answer is yes, well then, VASST’s screening of TGR’s Tight Loose is your chance to make up for missed opportunities, and to show your middle school self how far you have come.

This Friday in the South Meeting Room of Newcomb Hall we are playing this year’s film by Teton Gravity Research, which Snowboard VP Mac describes to be “an absolute banger of a flick that is sure to get your gnar-dar registering all time high levels of stoke.” To translate: it’s a movie about some pros skiing and snowboarding in some of the dopest places out there, and we use this film as pure inspiration for some of our own competitions come race season.

Doors @ 7:30, movie starts @ 8pm. Tickets sold on a  first come first serve basis. We’re raffling off prizes AND there will be popcorn. What more could you want? Oh yeah...for your mom to burn every picture of you from middle school ever.

Tubing Was Fine

Tubing Was Fine

SCOTTSVILLE- A couple weeks ago, VASST took advantage of the last sweltering days of summer by driving down to Scottsville and tubing the James River. We arrived at the outfitters in true VASST fashion...meaning late, got our tubes, and began the blissful journey of merrily floating down Virginia’s grossest river.

To sum up the event, butts were scratched (believe it or not the James River is like 6 inches deep), phones were broken, and best friends were made. 

While we are all hype about getting one season closer to winter, that was probably the last time I will be outside, on the water and in a bikini for quite some time--ciao summer, you were truly rad. 

The tans may fade, but the memories will last forever.

Activities Fair Goes Well

Activities Fair Goes Well

South Lawn- VASST showed off its activitities this past Monday while working hard to recruit some of the brightest young minds UVA has to offer.


Look how much fun we had with friends!

Look how much fun we had with friends!

Look at us recruiting bright young minds!

Look at us recruiting bright young minds!

Soaking up the sun

Soaking up the sun

Helena, striking a scandalous pose with a plaque that she personally won.  

Helena, striking a scandalous pose with a plaque that she personally won.


That pretty much sums up VASST's showing at this year's Activities Fair. Check out more photos in the Gallery, and we'll see you at the Info Sessions later in the week! Use the Calendar tab for deets on upcoming events.

Side note, our new t-shirts are here, and we have a very unamused Bakewell to model them for us.

Other side note, we're on Insta! So follow us

New Webmasters Assume Position; Struggle for Website Control Over

SUMMER BREAK - Before the struggle could result in even more casualties, everyone went home for summer break and fighting ultimately ceased. Negotiations took place, where President Dooley mediated between noncompliant sitting webmaster Spencer and new webmaster team Danny and Gillian.

In the end, power transferred over peacefully as Spencer presented a tear-stained slip of paper to Danny on which the website’s executive login information was written.

Spencer, when contacted, had no comment on the matter. He assumes a new position in the Fall as Men’s Ski Captain, and must be very busy with that.

Webmaster team Danny and Gillian got to work on updating the website [believe us, that place was a mess] and transferring content. And alas, here we are! As webmasters, we will be keeping the website updated with important dates, details, and race info. And as historians, we will be posting photos and blogging on anything blog-worthy that the club is doing.

First up is the activities fair Monday, Aug 22. Make sure to stop by our booth from 11am-2pm to make it on this year’s email list, and to see all your favorite VASSTers in bikinis (even the guys).


New webmasters appointed, struggle for control ongoing

CHARLOTTESVILLE - Casualties are mounting as forces loyal to the sitting webmaster battle the encroaching soldiers of the internationally-recognized coalition webmaster team.

"Food supplies are running low, and the UNHCR has struggled to get us the supplies we need," said Red Cross aid specialist Sven Erik to reporters by phone.

Sitting Webmaster Spencer has refused to step down at the end of his term limit. Attempting to pass an amendment to the VASST bylaws which would allow a second term resulted in a walkout of chairs and a collapse of the government. Subsequent elections were marred by violence, which escalated into the skirmishes that have sent many Charottesville residents into hiding.

Gillian and Danny, who enjoy the support of broad swathes of first-years, various soccer teams and some sects of snowboarders, have secured the support the UN Security Council and numerous NGOs that operate in the small city in central Virginia.

"We ask Webmaster Spencer to recognize the right of the people to select their own Webmaster. We want to work together to end the senseless violence," the pair said in a statement to the dwindling corps of international press gathered in the historic Old Dorms area of the city.


OK, so full disclosure, your correspondent is technically a skier. While he shreds on all types of planks and binding systems, he was not invited to the USCSA Nationals in Lake Placid, NY this year.

But, our men's and women's snowboard teams both were. And they shredded. Here are the results.



  • Men - 3rd
  • Women - 3rd

Snowboard Cross

  • Women - 4th
  • Men - 4th


  • Women - 3rd
  • Men - 4th


  • Women - 3rd
  • Men - 5th


And if you only count colleges that don't advertise at ski mountains (lookin' at you Sierra Nevada College of Incline Village, Nevada), then all of our results go up by 1, so there.

Here's a pic of the crew mid-shred. Good job boarders!

Shamelessly stolen from Chandler

Wintergreen got wetter

Personally, I don't like science. Never trusted people in white coats. But if I can vaguely recall my 6th grade classes, I'm pretty sure that if a shallow pond is surrounded by snow, and currently being snowed on, then that pond will be close to 32 degrees F (F stands for freezing).

So, I noped out of the pond skim and went to a rugby and polo match in the same day (no joke). But apparently some dummies went and skimmed the pond anyway, and here is Danny's great video of it.


99%, but not 100% sure, that that is not a selfie stickYour correspondent was not in Colorado during the Spring Break trip, but according to his Facebook feed, the trip was hella hype. The pow looked deep, the apres ski looked extra legal and sunny, and the fun with friends looked abundant.

Fourth-year Nick, who made this dope video, called the trip "an aggressive immersion in the Colorado lifestyle," which sounds like a diss to all us Southeast skiers.

If you missed the trip this year (or went on an aggressive ski road trip to Canada), then keep an eye out for the SB2017 trip next year. More pics in the "Photos" tab.


Our photogenic members make the best cover photos.

Congratulations to both of the snowboard teams for stomping it at regionals and qualifying for nationals! Good effort skiers! Here are the results from regionals:

  • Men's Snowboard
    • GS - 1st
    • Slopestyle - 2nd
  • Women's Snowboard
    • GS - 1st
    • Slopestyle - 2nd
  • Women's Ski
    • Slalom - 5th (out of 15)
    • GS - 6th (out of 15)
    • overall - 6th (out of 15)
  • Men's Ski
    • GS - (out of 15)
    • Slalom - 9th (out of 15)
    • Overall - 6th (out of 15)

Here are some of the awards that the snowboarders won:

  • Molloy Sheehan (gets her own category)
    • 3rd in women's GS
    • 3rd in women's Slopestyle
  • Men's Snowboard
    • 1st overall
  • Women's Snowboard
    • 2nd overall


The weekend at 7 Springs was beautiful, with t-shirt temperatures and good snow cover. The team got spoiled at the hotel, despite the $16/hour hot tub. Original plans were for Timberline this weekend, but lucklily USCSA saw fit to move regionals to Pennsylvania.

OMG Isabelle was on it, but she's okay

The men's ski team was robbed on Saturday, when the evil USCSA organizers disqualified Jimmy from the Slalom event, with no evident reason. Only two of the men actually finished the race, leaving the mens 9th place result somewhat incredible. Here is Brian's GS run on Friday:

The women's ski team was led by a combination of two new first-years, Ali and Blaze, and fourth-year captain Helene, setting the team up for an exciting season next year. Here is Helene in the slalom:

Aidan looks good in this one too.

If I can get some sweet footage of the snowboarders, I will definitely hook y'all up, but at the moment I ain't got none. But by all accounts (including the results), they kicked butt.

The season ain't over yet either, so keep coming to practice and keep putting off your homework. Be sure to check out the Photos tab for more pictures, and more video in the Video tab.


Captain Zac achieves liftoff.

Hold on, we were just getting warmed up!

Some tears were shed as VASST's fourth-years (and beloved fifth-years) finished the Massanutten race this weekend. Skiers and boarders got to eat and spend the night together in McGaheysville, with much thanks to Hallie's wonderful parents and beautiful, large, dogs.

While most racers are glad to have weekends back to catch up on homework, everybody is sad that the regular season is over. Skiers finished up the season with a great pair of races at Massanutten, while missing the perennial heavyweight Brian.

Snowboarders raced at Massanutten as well. Keep an eye out on results from those guys, as the USCSA Southeast website is currently down, presumably from the massive demand on its servers. From the photo evidence above, it looked they were high up in the rankings.

Several ski racers found themselves very out of place in the slopestyle competition after their GS race on Sunday. Sniggers were heard from the rest of the conference upon seeing the UVA ski racers attempting 180s in their snug speed suits. The snowboarders can definitely show the skiers a thing or two about slopestyle, and also fashion.

Now seems like an appropriate time to thank all of exec for organizing the races. All the logistics and preparation and bibs and tuning gear and hotels would never get done if the hard-working VPs, captains and Piotr didn't bust their butts to get them done. Thanks to you guys, and we'll all see you at practice Tuesday, as usual :')

Helene thought it was a costume race.