Sign Ups Online!

Greetings everyone!

Under the Sign-Up tab, the information form that everyone needs to fill out is now online! If you fill that out before you come to sign-ups, the process will go more quickly for everyone and we can you your t-shirt, sticker, and other gear as quickly as possible! If you forget, it's not a big deal, we'll have laptops there for people to fill out the form on too. Please note that the room has changed from what was originally in the email! We are now in Minor 125, from 7pm-9pm

Remember, you still need to come to either Sign-Up Session in order to sign some liability forms and to pay your dues! The room for Sign-Ups is Minor 125

If you have any questions, please email Paul (!



Hey everyone! In case you missed Pickus' email, the location of Information Sessions for tonight and tomorrow on Thursday has changed to Maury 209, still at 6pm

The good news is that this is right next to Clark 107! If you're standing outside of Clark, look for the skyramp into a room that looks like this:

See where all those people are coming up? Walk up the ramp, and go through the door! If it's locked, just knock and somebody should be right there to open it up for you!

Alternatively, you can come through the front of Maury, but that requires walking up a flight of stairs and ain't nobody got time for that!

Hope to everyone out tonight!


Welcome Back!

Welcome back VASST! Hopefully everyone has gotten settled in wherever they're living and unpacking has gone smoothly. To everyone who came out to the Activities Fair, thank you so much! We all had a grea ttime and hopefully everyone is as stoked about the upcoming year/season as I am!

Right now the dates and times for Info Sessions are as follows:

September 4th- 6pm, Clark 107

September 5th- 6pm, Clark 107

Keep an eye out for an email with those dates/times/locations in case they change and welcome back email from our wonderful secretary Ben Pickus!

First Years/New Members! If you do not recieve an email by Wednesady evening and you signed up with us at the Activities Fair, please shoot myself (pjm9fp) or Ben (bap4dp) an email to get you on the list!


Summertime Updates!

Hey everyone!

Hope all VASST folk out there are having an awesome summer, and NOT rotting away in a cubicle like me! Summer is completely here now, but that doesn't mean VASST isn't active! Word has it there are Snowflex trips being planned by those in Charlottesville, there's always something going on for Midsummers, and Exec is hard at work making sure this coming year is the best season yet.

For First Years who are just getting to their orientation sessions, welcome to Charlottesville! You're in the for best four years of your life, whether or not VASST is a part of it. If you shred in any way shape or form, or would like to learn how, feel free to contact anyone on Exec for more information! We're glad to respond to emails about anything related to the team. 

As always, we'll have a booth at the Activities Fair on August 26th, from 11am-2pm. VASST is super easy to spot, just look for the girls in speedsuits and people trying to ski down the hills on the Lawn. 

That's about it for now, and as always, if you have questions please email myself or anyone on Exec!

Later folks,

Paul "I heard there may, or may not, be two t-shirts next year..." Moniuszko


Elections, Foxfield, BBQ!'s been a long, long time since this has been updated!

In the time that has pasted since October, all 4 teams qualified for Nationals in Sun Valley, ID, a new Executive Board was elected, and VASST will be gettin' down with horses next weekend!

Additionally, Mitchell Oliver is no longer on Exec (WHAT?!?!?!) and finally turned 21, something everyone assumed happened 3 years ago.

See the emails for details about VASST Foxfield, or feel free to contact anyone on new Exec with questions or concerns! The form to sign up is given in the link below:

Additionally, VASST will be holding an end of the year BBQ at 320 to say goodbye to Fourth Years on the last day of classes, April 30th at 5pm. Stay tuned to emails for more info on that as well!