President- Ali “worst stoop kid ever apparently” Barron

Ali is a 4th-year chemical engineering major, and the toughest skier in the wild wild east. Who else would dare spearhead this rambunctious gaggle of goonies?? She attributes this ambition to an unparalleled dedication to her people, as she recalls her favorite memory: “sitting on my stoop seeing all of my lovely friends, best way to be welcomed home by far.” In addition to being our decorated, fearless leader (VASST is her “lyfeee”), she holds a place in the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and the sorority Alpha Omega Epsilon (AOE).

Snowboard VP - Gillian “y’all know me” Elliott

Gillian is a 4th-year anthropology and environmental sciences double major, and our most successful snowboarder in soccer tournaments #SKWAD. This nature loving gal loves snowboarding, VASST, and good vibes more than anything else, with these past three Sunday Rivers being her favorite memory on the team. When she is not enjoying the great outdoors, you can find Gillian bartending at Biltmore, or, more likely, wrapped up in a cozy blanket.

Ski VP - Jimmy “nobody ever asks ‘How’s Waldo?’” Waldo

Jimmy is a 4th-year economics/French double major and self-proclaimed #1 skier in the south. Despite his funky inability to digest gluten, Jimmy was able to qualify for nationals last year due to his pure dedication and zero life outside of VASST. When asked to recall his favorite memory, Jimmy noted every Sunday River, every race, and the all-conference party his second year. Beware when meeting Jimmy for the first time! He is notorious for his ever-sunny disposition!

Secretary - Maddie “Argentina is beautiful” Curry

Maddie is a 4th-year global development studies and Spanish double major, and the most amusing on and off the slopes. She prides herself on never DFL’ing, and winning her 3rd grade basketball championship. She is also known for her “winning personality”, and her modesty. Her favorite memory on the team is waking everyone up at dawn, with the excuse that the sunrise was too beautiful to miss. Outside of VASST, and when she is not exploring Patagonia, she also conducts research with FGRU, and volunteers at the Legal Aid Justice Center.

Treasurer - Brooke "betta have my money, pay me watchu owe me, don't act like you forgot" Adams

Brooke is a 3rd-year global public health and music double major, and the smartest skier in the Southeast. She was the #1 gatekeeper at regionals last year, and is looking to protect her title next season, while also protecting our money. Brooke’s favorite memory is running around 320’s backyard screaming “THESE ARE MY PEOPLE”, although she might soon be screaming “THIS IS MY MONEY”. When asked about her life outside of VASST, Brooke had no comments.

Women’s Snowboard Captain - Kaleigh “double trouble” Smith

Kaleigh is a 4th-year Nursing major, and a kween on the board. Kaleigh made it to Nationals in both 2017 and 2018, placing in rail jam, slope style, and overall both years! Not surprisingly, Nationals make up some of her favorite memories on VASST. When she is not sweeping the  competition on the slopes, you can catch her telling one of her dumb jokes, or in the middle of shenanigans with her double trouble partner Blaise. Despite her complete devotion and investment in VASST, she also manages to be Philanthropy Chair for Delta Zeta.

Men’s Snowboard Captain - Chris “Sean Domnick sucks” Martin

Chris is a 4th-year sociology major, and one of the steeziest boarders in the ‘ole Dirty South. Chris is practically a veteran, having participated to TWO National Championships, in 2016 and 2018. He is known across many slopes for his full send, and the unparalleled outfits he pulls off during the costume races. When Chris is not shredding, you can find him chilling on 320’s porch. As he simply puts it,  “vAsSt is mY lieF”.

Men’s Ski Captain - Danny “Squawwwwwww” Voce

Danny is a 4th-year computer engineering major, with a design integration minor, and the most knowledgeable about anything ski-related. Danny skis as often as possible, with trips out west as late as May. When he is not shredding on the snow, Danny spends his free time mountain biking (which is basically the summer equivalent of skiing) or at REI, waiting for people to mistake him as a clerk. As for his favorite memory on VASST, he has no doubts: Nationals 2018, where he hosted the snowboard and freestyle teams at his second home, in Whiteface, NY.

Women’s Ski Captain - Blaise “skrrt skrrt” Barsanti

Blaise is a 4th-year biology/psychology double major, and the best skier on the aux in all the dirty south. She is as skillful on the slope as she is on the aux, consistently placing in the top 15 all conference. Skiing is only part of why she loves VASST so much, as she recalls the countless memories dancing at Sunday River, playing music at the start gate, and eating with all the parents after the Massanutten race. Her dedication to this team can only be equated by her love for puppies, as she spends her time off the slope watching dog videos (as well as volunteering with Adopt a Grandparent, and being part of DG).