Brooke "Stoop is Life" Adams

Brooke, our dear Madam President, is incredibly stoked for her last year on the team! From Sunday River to races to hanging on the front stoop, Brooke is the glue that holds this rambunctious group together. A rising fourth year majoring in Global Public Health and Music, Brooke is also an EMT and loves doing yoga. She was on the 2019 Regionals Team and got overall 3rd in the conference for Lady Skier Freestyle!

Snowboard VP

Adrienne "Hangin with the Happy Trees" Atkins

Adrienne, our Snowboard VP, is best known for her love of the outdoors! She is a fourth year from Alexandria, majoring in both Biology and Health and Wellbeing. When she’s not shredding the slopes, you can find her doing other activities outside: hiking, backpacking, climbing, or just strumming her uke on the porch. Adrienne has competed in both Regionals and Nationals, and helped the women’s board get third overall at Nationals!

Ski VP

Libby "is Mayonnaise an Instrument" Daly

Libby Daly aka Lobert Dober is one our Ski VP! Libby is from Yorktown, VA, and is an Environmental Sciences and Statistics major. When Libby isn’t enjoying the BEST week of the year at Sunday River, she enjoys practicing her many impressive talents (ask her to wink with both eyes, you won’t be disappointed)! Libby’s wild personality makes her consistently the #1 hype man on the mountain no matter what!


Sam "Don't Shoot the Messenger, I Just Send the Emails" Louque

Sam Louque, the master of all emails, is our Secretary! She is a fourth year Public Policy major and Bioethics minor, and she proudly proclaims her proudest skiing moment as “not dying while skiing after eating lots of jello”. Her hobbies include yoga, trying to fix the government, and pretending to cook while Brooke actually cooks. Her happiest moment on the team was at Sunday River when she was allowed to DJ for 4 straight hours despite playing I'm on a Boat" by the Lonely Island twice. Fun fact: her hidden talent is making you read her emails in her voice.


Arianna "ITS TWO Ns" Asquini

Third year Arianna is our esteemed Treasurer! Her hometown is Udine, Italy, although her family now lives in Northern Virginia. Ari is a crazy well rounded team member; she is an Aerospace Engineering Major with Applied Math Minor and serves on Engineering Student Council and volunteers with College Mentors for KIds! She loves long nights on the stoop and night skiing. When not doing any of those many activities, she loves to do yoga!

Women’s Snowboard Captain

Izzy "Did You Know I’m From Colorado" Shehan

Izzy, the youngest member of exec, is our Women’s Snowboard Captain! She is a 2nd year Computer Science major and a French minor from Colorado. Izzy left the fantastic skiing of the Rockies to come join our team, and has already proved a great addition! Her favorite memory is night skiing at regionals and hanging out at the top of the course before a race. When not on the slopes, you can probably find her at the farmer’s market wearing a “UVA Dad” t-shirt.

Men’s Snowboard Captain

Jinks "Did You Know I’m a Cowboy" Jervey

Jinks is our Men’s snowboard captain, hailing from the distant land of Richmond, Virginia. He is a fourth year Foreign Affairs major, and recently returned from a semester in Spain! His favorite memory of the team is going to Nationals as a second year, where the man boarders placed 5th! When not shredding the slopes, he likes to go white water kayaking and do other outdoorsy activities.

Men’s Ski Captain

Andrew “The Steezier Ski Captain” Orgel

Fourth year Andrew Orgel is our Men’s Ski Captain! He is an Econ and Stats major from Lincoln, MA. Once upon a time, Andrew beat Jimmy Waldo when he fell during a race, and that memory motivates him every day! At any given moment, you can find Andrew occupied with his favorite activity: thinking about skiing. His favorite team moment with the vasstlings was night skiing at Seven Springs!

Women’s Ski Captain

Wynne "Mama Bear" Barsanti

Wynne, our Women’s Ski Captain, is a fourth year from Richmond, Va! A Cognitive Science and Italian major with a Computer Science minor, she loves this team for all the awesome people and the immediate friendships you build along the way! She is passionate about cheering for her teammates, cooking, spikeball, running, and pow days. In addition to the ski team, she is a member of an a cappella group and loves to arrange music!