Our official Sign Up sessions have ended, but don't worry, you haven't entirely missed the boat.  Instructions are posted below, be sure to do all the required steps!

IMPORTANT!  You missed the first deadline, so there is a late fee of $50.  Sign up before Thanksgiving to avoid an additional $50!

If you have questions you need answered before you join, shoot an email to uvasst@gmail.com.

There's a few steps, so hold on tight:

  1. Before you go:
    1. Make sure that you've filled out the Online Information on the "Sign Up" page, if it's submitted properly it will display a confirmation.
    2. Print the VASST 2012 Registration form, and fill that out.
    3. Write a check for dues (dues are $199, but don't forget to add your late fees), made out to "VASST."  (If you'd like a ticket to our movie, write "PBP Ticket" on your registration and add $8 to your check.  If you'd like to pre-order one of our awesome new hoodies, write "team hoodie" on your registration and add $35 to your check)
  2. Take everything to the Student Activities Center (SAC) in the basement of Newcomb.  Our mailbox is #333, you'll find everything else that you need in there.  Their hours are 10am-5pm Mon-Fri, so be sure to schedule accordingly.  
    1. Sign the Club Sport Waiver (on one of the six lines) and fill out the VASST Liability waiver.
    2. Staple (ask the front desk for a stapler) the VASST Liability Waiver, your Registration, and your Check together and place them in the big yellow envelope.

You're done, get ready for the best year ever!


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