Greetings VASST folk!

First, thank you everyone for braving the lines today at Sign-Ups! We're sorry it took so long, but turn out was higher than we ever could have expected and we're so excited that the numbers this year are so high! You'll be getting an email from Pickus with tons of information tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that.

If you missed sign-ups, we are going to hold one more alternative session in the Clark Naked Room (with the green chairs!) on Thursday from 6pm-8pm. If that time also doesn't work for you, please email Paul to figure out a different time to sign forms and pay dues.

In the email tomorrow there will be a t-shirt form for people to fill out who didn't get one of the shirts today. The link is here too, so please fill out the form and we'll get updates to you as soon as possible!

Finally, be sure to download the social calendar to your UVA email from the Schedule tab and check us out on Facebook! We have a profile (VASST At UVA) and a group (VASST) that are both joinable and will have a variety of updates on things.

That's about it, hope everyone has a great week!