So long after the sunset on the final drylands of the fall,


And the air began to turn cold, but then promptly changed its mind and warmed right back up again. Downside: No snow. Upside: I wore shorts to Christmas Mass. Double Upside: Sunday River has the most terrain open of anywhere on the East Coast

With nothing better to do we all buckled down and tried to fix the second door to Newcomb.

No wait, I meant study. We all started studying a lot.

Specifically, in this place... for me at least.

Fun fact: The men’s boarder captain got lost on the way to a meeting here once. But that’s okay because he had more important things on his mind, like making sure the order of some totally sick jackets went through.

So we were all studying and learning things, like squirrels can find a nut buried beneath a foot of snow. No wait, more like the differences between real time RT-PCR and western blots, as well as what’s in “media.” I still not entirely sure what exactly is in “media”..

Or perhaps you were learning fun history factoids: did you know people brought chairs to watch the Rotunda burn in 1895?

Or maybe you were busy furiously and ferociously turning in papers and lab reports.

Or finishing projects. (3D printers get cold too guys.)


Or getting your friend to help you finish a project.

Love her. She is actually the best. Thanks friend.

So while you were all doing that stuff, we were waiting anxiously for those jackets that I mentioned earlier to arrive.

They weren’t hear yet, so instead we watched a light show at the Rotunda. You’ve probably heard of it, but there were know light up balls to throw around this year. It was a bummer.

And with that another semester at Mr. Jefferson’s University came to a close.

We all went back to our respective corners of the universe, Nova, Richmond, 757, or Jersey. Except for that one shredder chick from Hawaii. She went back to Hawaii.

Then we all began to go through ski team withdrawal. I mean what do you do without your fellow shredders and shreddettes? (Shredders is spelled correctly, but MS Word has a problem with shreddettes? Really?) It’s great to see your family. Of course it is. For a while. Then it’s like you never left and they want you to mow the yard or something. One more side effect of it being 70 the last week of December.

But then it happens.

The moment we were waiting for.

(I wish I could say it started snowing here, that would make this tangent so much better, but that’s just a blatant lie, so I won’t stretch the truth that far and just say this is a close second.)

The jackets came!!!!!!!!

The manboarder captain laughed at all of us while standing in powder up to his eyeballs in Idaho, but he was so totally stoked about the jackets he even sent an email about them to those that ordered them.

Here they are:


Here’s a person wearing one, while simultaneously taking a picture of her/himself in a bathroom mirror. #middleschoolthrowback.


They even fit helmets.

But look epically more badass with goggles on.

They even fit snorkels.


Ya know… just in case the pow is THAT. DEEP.











I just felt we all needed some white space to fully absorb that information.

In the end, I probably think it’s funnier than it really is, but such is life. What else is new?

That’s how my break is going. I hope yours are all going stellar.

So rest up, because January is coming. And in January, we shred.

Until then stay steezy hoos.