Our photogenic members make the best cover photos.

Congratulations to both of the snowboard teams for stomping it at regionals and qualifying for nationals! Good effort skiers! Here are the results from regionals:

  • Men's Snowboard
    • GS - 1st
    • Slopestyle - 2nd
  • Women's Snowboard
    • GS - 1st
    • Slopestyle - 2nd
  • Women's Ski
    • Slalom - 5th (out of 15)
    • GS - 6th (out of 15)
    • overall - 6th (out of 15)
  • Men's Ski
    • GS - (out of 15)
    • Slalom - 9th (out of 15)
    • Overall - 6th (out of 15)

Here are some of the awards that the snowboarders won:

  • Molloy Sheehan (gets her own category)
    • 3rd in women's GS
    • 3rd in women's Slopestyle
  • Men's Snowboard
    • 1st overall
  • Women's Snowboard
    • 2nd overall


The weekend at 7 Springs was beautiful, with t-shirt temperatures and good snow cover. The team got spoiled at the hotel, despite the $16/hour hot tub. Original plans were for Timberline this weekend, but lucklily USCSA saw fit to move regionals to Pennsylvania.

OMG Isabelle was on it, but she's okay

The men's ski team was robbed on Saturday, when the evil USCSA organizers disqualified Jimmy from the Slalom event, with no evident reason. Only two of the men actually finished the race, leaving the mens 9th place result somewhat incredible. Here is Brian's GS run on Friday:

The women's ski team was led by a combination of two new first-years, Ali and Blaze, and fourth-year captain Helene, setting the team up for an exciting season next year. Here is Helene in the slalom:

Aidan looks good in this one too.

If I can get some sweet footage of the snowboarders, I will definitely hook y'all up, but at the moment I ain't got none. But by all accounts (including the results), they kicked butt.

The season ain't over yet either, so keep coming to practice and keep putting off your homework. Be sure to check out the Photos tab for more pictures, and more video in the Video tab.