Captain Zac achieves liftoff.

Hold on, we were just getting warmed up!

Some tears were shed as VASST's fourth-years (and beloved fifth-years) finished the Massanutten race this weekend. Skiers and boarders got to eat and spend the night together in McGaheysville, with much thanks to Hallie's wonderful parents and beautiful, large, dogs.

While most racers are glad to have weekends back to catch up on homework, everybody is sad that the regular season is over. Skiers finished up the season with a great pair of races at Massanutten, while missing the perennial heavyweight Brian.

Snowboarders raced at Massanutten as well. Keep an eye out on results from those guys, as the USCSA Southeast website is currently down, presumably from the massive demand on its servers. From the photo evidence above, it looked they were high up in the rankings.

Several ski racers found themselves very out of place in the slopestyle competition after their GS race on Sunday. Sniggers were heard from the rest of the conference upon seeing the UVA ski racers attempting 180s in their snug speed suits. The snowboarders can definitely show the skiers a thing or two about slopestyle, and also fashion.

Now seems like an appropriate time to thank all of exec for organizing the races. All the logistics and preparation and bibs and tuning gear and hotels would never get done if the hard-working VPs, captains and Piotr didn't bust their butts to get them done. Thanks to you guys, and we'll all see you at practice Tuesday, as usual :')

Helene thought it was a costume race.