OK, so full disclosure, your correspondent is technically a skier. While he shreds on all types of planks and binding systems, he was not invited to the USCSA Nationals in Lake Placid, NY this year.

But, our men's and women's snowboard teams both were. And they shredded. Here are the results.



  • Men - 3rd
  • Women - 3rd

Snowboard Cross

  • Women - 4th
  • Men - 4th


  • Women - 3rd
  • Men - 4th


  • Women - 3rd
  • Men - 5th


And if you only count colleges that don't advertise at ski mountains (lookin' at you Sierra Nevada College of Incline Village, Nevada), then all of our results go up by 1, so there.

Here's a pic of the crew mid-shred. Good job boarders!

Shamelessly stolen from Chandler