CHARLOTTESVILLE - Casualties are mounting as forces loyal to the sitting webmaster battle the encroaching soldiers of the internationally-recognized coalition webmaster team.

"Food supplies are running low, and the UNHCR has struggled to get us the supplies we need," said Red Cross aid specialist Sven Erik to reporters by phone.

Sitting Webmaster Spencer has refused to step down at the end of his term limit. Attempting to pass an amendment to the VASST bylaws which would allow a second term resulted in a walkout of chairs and a collapse of the government. Subsequent elections were marred by violence, which escalated into the skirmishes that have sent many Charottesville residents into hiding.

Gillian and Danny, who enjoy the support of broad swathes of first-years, various soccer teams and some sects of snowboarders, have secured the support the UN Security Council and numerous NGOs that operate in the small city in central Virginia.

"We ask Webmaster Spencer to recognize the right of the people to select their own Webmaster. We want to work together to end the senseless violence," the pair said in a statement to the dwindling corps of international press gathered in the historic Old Dorms area of the city.