SUMMER BREAK - Before the struggle could result in even more casualties, everyone went home for summer break and fighting ultimately ceased. Negotiations took place, where President Dooley mediated between noncompliant sitting webmaster Spencer and new webmaster team Danny and Gillian.

In the end, power transferred over peacefully as Spencer presented a tear-stained slip of paper to Danny on which the website’s executive login information was written.

Spencer, when contacted, had no comment on the matter. He assumes a new position in the Fall as Men’s Ski Captain, and must be very busy with that.

Webmaster team Danny and Gillian got to work on updating the website [believe us, that place was a mess] and transferring content. And alas, here we are! As webmasters, we will be keeping the website updated with important dates, details, and race info. And as historians, we will be posting photos and blogging on anything blog-worthy that the club is doing.

First up is the activities fair Monday, Aug 22. Make sure to stop by our booth from 11am-2pm to make it on this year’s email list, and to see all your favorite VASSTers in bikinis (even the guys).