In the blink of an eye, we’ve reached the finish line of our regular race season! Four consecutive weekends of that non-stop pop-pop and stainless steel - led to a homecoming with more hardware than any other team in the conference. In case you’ve missed the story on our Instagram, here is a short recap of our 2019 race season.


Sugar Sugar!

Kicking off the season, we visited Sugar Mountain near Boone, NC to claim the throne in the USCSA Southeast Conference. We had a strong team showing, scoring 1st place in men’s ski slalom, women’s ski slalom, women’s ski GS, men’s ski GS, and women’s snowboard GS. Not a bad start!


Massive Massanutten

Run it back! Just the very next weekend, VASST claimed first in women’s ski slalom, women’s snowboard slopestyle, women’s ski GS, women’s snowboard GS, and men’s snowboard GS. Also, a HUGE thanks goes out to the parents for coming out and hosting a tailgate for all our athletes!


Bryce. The Debut.

We’re in the thick of the season now and the going’s getting tough. Every team is in game mode and everyone is gunning for the top spot. We prevailed however, stealing 1st in men’s ski GS (day 2), women’s ski GS (both days), men’s snowboard slalom, women’s snowboard GS, and women’s snowboard slalom… I guess the tough got going.


Bryce. The Return.

Rounding out our season was our second weekend at Bryce. This was costume weekend, hence the onesie extravaganza sweeping the mountain. We came away with 3 and 4 top 10 finishes for men’s and women’s ski slalom, respectively, along with the top 4 individual scores for women’s snowboard rail jam and a total of 6 finals appearances by hoos in their respective cross event. Again, thank you to the parents who came out to Bryce 1 and Bryce 2!!

Thank you everyone for staying with us through the 2019 race season! Shout out to the about-to-be graduates, executive board, parents, and USCSA for making it all possible! See you next year!